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Contact info for various government agencies involved with the Enerdu Project

Posted by on July 14, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Ministry of Natural Resources

  • Species at Risk Act
  • Crown land management
  • Resource extraction

MNRF hotline: 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667).

Kathryn McGarry (MNRF Minister)

Kemptville MNR Office (for this region) 613-521-3450 (225)

  • Scott Lee (Office supervisor?)
  • Tara McDonald (Project supervisor?)
  • Jane Devlin (biologist) 613 258-8418


  • Oversees the Environmental Assessment process
  • Issues Permits to Take Water (PTTW)

Leavoy, Jena (MOECC) is in charge of the Enerdu file (613 ) 521-3450 x236

Tara MacDonald at MOECC Ottawa is Jena’s supervisor. 613 521-3450 X 225 or

Province’s environment emergency number 1-800-268-6060 – THIS IS *THE* NUMBER TO CALL

Minister Glen Murray:   @Glen4ONT

Environmental Registry


  • Issued the permits for the river excavation and shoreline alteration
  • Overseeing the project at the hands on level


Federal Government

Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Catherine Mckenna’s office (819) 938-3813



Ottawa Citizen

The Millstone News


Toronto Sun

10 Ontario Rivers Protected from 19 Hydroelectric Projects

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MEDIA RELEASE:  For Immediate Release:  13 July 2016

SUDBURY:  The Ontario Rivers Alliance (ORA) is celebrating a major victory in the protection of 10 Ontario rivers that have been under threat from 19 proposed hydroelectric projects.   Actions taken by the ORA and its members have led to what was considered to be impossible – the termination of 19 Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Contracts.

In 2011, ORA came into being to address a rash of 87 proposed hydroelectric proposals initiated under the Green Energy Act.  The offer of generous incentives to produce power during peak demand hours had proponents rushing to claim access to falls and rapids on rivers all across the province.  The number of proposals to actually receive FIT Contracts was soon reduced to 41, and of those, Xeneca Power Development Inc. had secured 19 contracts for projects involving 23 Crown sites on 10 Ontario rivers.

“The proponent’s favourite mantra was, ‘It’s a done deal – there’s nothing you can do about it.’  Unfortunately, under the current legislation there is no possibility of a “no” outcome; however, not easily deterred, a group of concerned citizens and organizations banded together to create one unified voice to speak up for Ontario rivers – that was the beginning of ORA”, said Linda Heron, Chair of the ORA.

Peaking incentives encourage proponents to hold water back in reservoirs to produce power during peak demand hours.  These types of operations can and do result in numerous negative impacts, not the least of which are increased methylmercury contamination of fish, blue-green algae, and methane emissions.  “Hydroelectric is not clean and green, such as proponents and governments would have us believe”, said Heron.

In that first year, through ORA and member actions, and by following the regulatory process, three of this proponent’s Environmental Reports (ER) were rejected because they did not meet the requirements of the Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower, and the proponent was ordered to go back to complete additional work and studies.  On the 7th of July 2015, another ER, the fourth in a row, was rejected for the very same reason, and records show that by the 9th of July 2015 the proponent had terminated all 19 of its FIT Contracts.

As Heron informed, “Unfortunately, ORA had to file a Freedom of Information Application to learn of this important development.  While these 19 FIT Contracts had been terminated almost a year ago, stakeholders were left to twist in the wind, and tax dollars wasted as regulators continued to work on files that had no chance of proceeding.  A power procurement contract is necessary to produce power in Ontario, and once a contract is terminated, it cannot be reinstated.

Ontario rivers protected:  Matawin, Vermilion, Petawawa, Wanapitei, Blanche, Ivanhoe, Frederick House, Kapuskasing, Larder, and Serpent Rivers.

ORA would like to thank our members, First Nations, and local communities for their help and support in protecting Ontario rivers.

ORA was also recently granted Intervenor Status by the National Energy Board with regard to panel hearings for the Energy East Pipeline application.

To learn more about the impacts of hydroelectric you can check out our report, “Hydro Impacts 101 – The Trade-offs”.

ORA is a Not-for-Profit grassroots organization acting as a voice for several stewardships, associations, and private and First Nation citizens who have come together to protect, conserve and restore healthy river ecosystems.


Sign a petition! re Enerdu

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Cavanagh Construction (Jeff Cavanagh) is going to mangle the riverbed of a beautiful natural heritage site in Almonte Ontario in order to construct a hydro project that will produce power we don’t need.  The power will go to the Ontario grid, which already has a surplus – which taxpayers have to actually pay to get rid of.

This project will damage a cascade waterfall in a wonderful setting, changing the face of a charming little town 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa.  Thrown into the mix is an endangered species of Endangered dragonfly, the Rapids Clubtail.  Changing the water levels and the rapids will further degrade the limited amount of just downstream habitat where this dragonfly’s existence has been documented.

At this writing, there almost 5000 signatures in a petition to have the Minister of the Environment intervene.  The petition is few days old.

If you could please go to the link below and sign we would very much appreciate it.  Whether you sign or not, could you please share this site?  No one in government seems to be listening.  Please help.
Canadian Federal Minister Of The Environment Catherine McKenna: STOP ENERDU AND SAVE OUR RIVER

Read more about it and sign it here:

If you feel totally motivated, feel free to call as well:

Catherine McKenna
twitter – @cathmckenna, @ec_minister
Constituency Office(s)
107 Catherine Street (Main Office)
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0P4
Telephone: 613-946-8682

Hill Office
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1A 0A6
Telephone: 613-996-5322


Rapids Clubtail dragonfly logo winner announced

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A team of approximately thirty Mississippi Mills residents have organized to encourage the preservation of Gomphus Quadricolor – also known as the Rapids Clubtail Dragonfly – an endangered species still found very sparsely in a couple of patches along the Mississippi River. To raise awareness of the dragonfly, this “Clubtails club” of concerned citizens launched a design contest late last year with hopes that a “dragonfly logo” – or an exceptional promotional graphic – would be created. Today a winner and winning design is announced.rapids_clubtail_isolated

This beautiful and adaptable design was created by Sam Hamilton, an illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Almonte, Ontario. See more of Sam’s artworks at Sam is awarded a $200 prize for his design. (Funds for this first prize and for the runners-up were donated by residents of Mississippi Mills.) Beth McCubbin (Gatineau), Chris Hume (Almonte) and Linda Manzer (Almonte & Toronto) were runners-up and were awarded gift certificates to local Almonte art shop, JB Arts. (JB Arts, generously, also contributed to these prizes.)

The Rapids Clubtail (Gomphus quadricolor) was the first dragonfly placed on the Endangered Species list in Canada. It is currently known only from two rivers in Ontario, the Mississippi River and the Humber River. The endangered populations on the Mississippi River inhabit the Almonte falls area, Blakeney Rapids, Pakenham rapids and areas downstream of these. The dragonfly and its habitat face threats from pollution and degradation of river and shoreline habitat.

Plans to use the new stylized image of “Gomphy” are in the works. Posters, t-shirts, perhaps stickers and flags sporting the new image are all possible fund-raising ideas for the near future. The Clubtails club of dragonfly advocates came together from a variety of other local groups, including The Mississippi RiverWatchers, The Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists, The Stop Enerdu group and others. Members includes residents of the three wards of Mississippi Mills (the town of Almonte being one ward), scientists, teachers, engineers, politicians, naturalists, reporters and other concerned individuals. For more information on this group and any upcoming, awareness-building activities, please join the Rapids Clubtails of Mississippi Mills Facebook page or visit, where news will be posted as available.

Town of MM report on the endangered Rapids Clubtail dragonfly

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Excerpt pages from the 2015-08-25 Committee of the Whole agenda on this very rare dragonfly found in the falls are in Almonte, Blakeney, and Pakenham:


From the executive summary:

“Only a few hundred individuals of the Rapids Clubtail dragonfly exist in Canada, all in Ontario. Of the four locations in the province where this dragonfly has been spotted in the last 15 years, three are in Mississippi Mills. This insect is one of the most threatened in Ontario and is classified as endangered in provincial and federal legislation.  Of the three confirmed sites in Mississippi Mills—the falls at Pakenham, Blakeney and Almonte—the latter has activities pending that could harm the remnant population.”

Read more in the PDF file above!

Other info:

COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report – Rapids Clubtail (Gomphus quadricolor): sr_rapids_clubtail_0808_e

Rapids Clubtail Ontario Recovery Strategy Series: stdprod_066829

Habitat Protection Summary for Rapids Clubtail: stdprod_096835

Enerdu Flashboards Reduce the Overall Power Output From the River

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The MVFN has released a 2nd edition of the MVFM Appleton Wetlands report for MNR. The 2nd edition includes the Power Production analysis, showing that when Enerdu adds flashboards in Almonte (at the upper falls) the result is a net power loss to the province 75 MWHr avg.

The report additions and changes are available on our Resources Page here. The covering letter for this addendum from the MVFN is also there.


The Experience of Towns When Implementing an HCD is Overwhelmingly Positive…

Posted by on February 2, 2015 in News | 0 comments

…in terms of property values, making renovations, and general quality of life.

Read the whole story here!

Why the RiverWatchers Support the HCD Moratorium – (AKA Get your Red on!)

Posted by on February 2, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Councillor John Edwards has put for a motion to be debated this Tuesday night (Feb 3 at 6:30pish) to yet again try and rescind the Heritage Conservation District (HCD) moratorium bylaw.

The following is our understanding of the “standing “of the HCD moratorium with regard to Enerdu:

The HCD moratorium bylaw is the only “legal” thing holding back the issuing of a building permit to Enerdu to start construction.

Without the moratorium – as long as Cavanagh satisfies all of the conditions set out in August by the town, the town would have to issue the permit. Else they would be sued. This summer, Cavanagh applied to a building permit to start construction, and town staff did an excellent job of setting out the steps to be resolved before issuing a permit (see The Millstone, Sept 7 2014: Town rejects Enerdu building permit application).

HOWEVER – Nobody but Cavanagh & his team knows exactly where the satisfying of those conditions stands. It was quite a lengthy list, but for all anybody knows they may have worked through all of the conditions by now. There is no evidence in the public domain either way – We simply don’t know! However, if they have sorted all the conditions, then Cavanagh would undoubtedly apply for the permit the minute the moratorium is lifted (remember – they already tried just before the moratorium was put in place) and the town would have to issue them the building permit. Game over.

If the moratorium stays in place, then it will be lifted only when the HCD rules are passed into law (via town bylaw), or the HCD is defeated. This is slated to happen in 2-3 months, after the study is completed.

If no HCD is established in 2-3 months, then we are in the same place as before and Cavanagh can then get a building permit any time subject to the conditions set out by the town.

If the HCD is established, then Cavanagh will have to get a Heritage permit as well. Presumably the heritage rules in place will be such that the town will have a reasonable measure of control over the project to make it at least palatable to the majority of the population. The communities job is to make sure those rules are decent enough to do that.

So most importantly – if you agree – come out on Tuesday night wearing red!

(6:30 PM, Tuesday Feb 3, and the MM Town Hall on Old Perth Rd.)

See the Council Committee of the Whole  (CoW) agenda item F2 at:

Almonte Heritage Conservation District Study Completed

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The Downtown Almonte Heritage Conservation District Study is now available. It defines the recommended Heritage District area (smaller than the study area as generally expected). The consultants report is on the town web site here

A public meeting on the HCD is being held on Monday Nov 24th, 6 PM, at the Almonte Old Town Hall – The notice is here.

As a side note – Check out the cool page on the Town web site – a Calender of Events. Most useful!


Council set to re-open Heritage District Study major development moratorium

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NOTE: This meeting was postponed to Oct 28th (Tuesday) at 6pm

At the MM Town Hall on Old Perth Rd – 6pm Thurs, Oct 23rd

This fall, Council passed a major building/demolition moratorium over the study area of the proposed Heritage Conservation District (HCD). The Mississippi RiverWatchers is actively promoting this moratorium as it is the only available means for the Town to have any meaningful influence over the proposed Enerdu project. This moratorium is expected to be in place until the spring, when the ongoing HCD study is completed. At that time, Council will vote on establishing the actual HCD. Of note, the revised HCD area, which is expected to be smaller than the area currently outlined in the bylaw, will be presented by the heritage consultants to Council in November 2014 – so that matter will be resolved in the month immediately following the municipal election.

Tuesday this week (Oct. 21), during the voting period that started Monday, the Mayor has decided to call a special meeting of Council to reconsider the Heritage Conservation District (HCD) building moratorium. The meeting is set for this Thursday, Oct. 23, at 6pm at the Town Hall Council Chamber on Old Perth Road.

Our concern is that if the HCD moratorium is lifted, Enerdu could meet all of the requirements for a building permit, and the Enerdu project would then be grandfathered in before the HCD could be established. 

What Can You Do?

1. It is now the time to call (preferably) or email the councillors that you feel comfortable talking with and let them know your thoughts on the Mayor’s attempt to rescind the moratorium. The Mississippi RiverWatchers feel that it would be very unwise to lift the moratorium before the HCD is established, likely next Spring.

Hopefully you feel strongly enough to contact councillors as soon as possible to voice your concerns, and ask them not to support rescinding the moratorium. The Mississippi RiverWatchers request you to do this as soon as possible. We are concerned that the Council vote is too close to “call” at this point, so pressure from the public is essential.

For your information, the Councillor contact information their previous votes are given below. We will post any new info on our Facebook page as we hear anything.

2. Show up at the meeting on Thursday night (Oct 23), 6 PM. Wear red! See the politics art work in our community.

Previously voted FOR the HCD moratorium (good!):

Councillor – Almonte Ward
Bernard Cameron
Home: (613) 256-1684
Cell: (613) 220-3466
Councillor – Almonte Ward
Garry Dalgity
Home: (613) 256-3229
Councillor – Almonte Ward
Alex Gillis
Home: (613) 256-4961
Councillor – Ramsay Ward
Shaun McLaughlin
Home: (613) 256-9834
Councillor – Ramsay Ward
Val Wilkinson
Home: (613) 256-4324
Councillor – Pakenham Ward
Duncan Abbott
Home: (613) 256-4000

 Previously voted AGAINST the HCD moratorium (not good!):

John Levi
Bus: (613) 256-2064 ext. 300
Home: (613) 256-7794  Cell: (613) 223-4878
Councillor – Almonte Ward
Rick Minnille
Home: (613) 256-1735
Councillor – Ramsay Ward
John Edwards
Home: (613) 257-1933
Councillor – Ramsay Ward
Paul Watters
Home: (613) 223-6020
Councillor – Pakenham Ward
Denzil Ferguson
Home: (613) 624-5435


Council endorses the Heritage Committee comments on the final Enerdu Heritage Impact Study

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The Council passed a motion (8 to 2) endorsing the Heritage Committee’s  comments on Enerdu’s final Heritage Impact Study that Enerdu submitted to the province. Based on our reading of the comments, there were numerous and significant inconsistencies, errors and unclear aspects in Enerdu’s final report. You can read the whole set of Heritage Committee comments here.

The motion also calls for the comments be forwarded to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (Heritage unit) on behalf of the Town, which will be done immediately by town staff.

Way to go Heritage Committee members and Councillors!

Mayor John Levi and Councillor Rick Minnille voted against this motion. Councillor John Edwards was absent.

MM Council Formally Withdraws Support for Enerdu

Posted by on August 13, 2014 in News | 0 comments

At the Committee of the Whole meeting last night (Aug 12) , Council members voted 7 to 3 to support a motion drafted by Councillor Shaun McLaughlin (in consultations with like-minded Councillors). The motion formally withdraws any implied support by Council for the Enerdu generating station expansion. It also directs staff to inform Enerdu, the Premier of Ontario, and four provincial ministers of their decision.

The motion that was passed reads:

Councillor McLaughlin (July 29, 2014):
WHEREAS the Council of the Town of Mississippi Mills regrets that the Province gave the Town no formal approval authority in the matter of the Enerdu GS Expansion and Redevelopment Project in Almonte;
AND WHEREAS Council does have a responsibility to represent the interests and well being of its residents;
AND WHEREAS the residents of Mississippi Mills value the historic and natural landscape of the river as it passes through Almonte;
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council cannot support the Enerdu Generating Station Expansion and Redevelopment Project in its current form and that the Premier of Ontario, the ministers of Energy, Environment, Culture, and Resources, and the Enerdu proponent be advised.


Mayor John Levi and Councillors Rick Minnille and Denzil Ferguson voted against this motion. Councillor John Edwards was absent.

Appleton Wetland at tipping point – MVFN releases a joint scientific report with the MRW

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After thriving for thousands of years, the Appleton Wetland is now endangered due to man-made effects of summer flooding caused by manipulation of water levels for hydro power generation.

The Appleton Wetland is under immediate threat says a detailed scientific report published by the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists. The report states that excessive water levels resulting from Enerdu Power Systems Inc.’s current hydro operations are drowning towering silver maple trees upstream, and that the proposed Enerdu expansion in Almonte’s heritage district will kill the very species that anchors a wetland older than the Great Pyramids or Stonehenge.

The 76-page report (plus 254 pages of appendices!) calls for an immediate amendment to the Mississippi River Water Management Plan (MRWMP) overseen by the Ministry of Natural Resources that will allow for a “valid operational summer water level” and allow the silver maples to survive, and that “approval of the current upgrade plan for Enerdu must be delayed until the recommended amendment has been resolved.”

See the full MVFN press release here!

The full report is available in three rather large files for download:

For those that want one large (48 MB!) file to search through, here it is:

Does Cavanagh or Enerdu own the riverbed?

Posted by on July 18, 2014 in News | 0 comments

It is clear from emails obtained using the Freedom of Information (FOI) act that the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) questions the Enerdu ownership of the property they plan to build on (see Pages_from_2012-09_2013-07_Enerdu_MNR_FOI_combined_A-2013-00056_re_Ownership and FOI_A0201174_hilighted ). MNR indicates that Enerdu must deal with the issue through both a Quit Claims process and the Disposition of Crown Land, in order to obtain ownership of the riverbed that Enerdu needs for this project to proceed.

In other words – according to the MNR email – Enerdu does not own the riverbed.

Note that throughout the FOI email thread, the acronym LRIA stands for Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act.

Enerdu-Cavanagh explosives blasting permit application

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Three months before the very first public meeting by Enerdu (Sept 26, 2011), they applied to the MNR for a blasting permit at the proposed project site, with Thomas Cavanagh Construction slated to do the blasting. The explosives permit application (commented extract here) was originally in Appendix_A:_Project_Description of Enerdu’s Final Environmental Report OE8982-00 .

MRW status report – June 2014

Posted by on July 10, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Hi all – Here is a status report of the state of things as seen by the MRW for the first part of 2014.