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Posted on 2013 May 21

Council Passes Motion Asking for Issues Resolutions Before the Enerdu Project is Approved

The Mississippi Mills Town Council has unanimously passed a motion tonight asking for five issues to be resolved prior to the Enerdu project being allowed to proceed. The full motion can be seen here, but the five point summaries are:

  • Re-evaluate the operating water levels permitted in the Mississippi River Water Management Plan (MRWMP)
  • Perform hydraulic modelling to determine any potential for the project to increase flood risk
  • Determine if the scale of the proposed project is appropriate
  • Determine if water management of the existing plant and the proposed plant fits the definition of run-of-river
  • Evaluate the potential loss of natural and heritage assets and the resulting degradation of the community’s character

Thanks to all of council for reflecting a large number of citizens concerns!

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