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Posted on 2014 Jul 18

Does Cavanagh or Enerdu own the riverbed?

It is clear from emails obtained using the Freedom of Information (FOI) act that the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) questions the Enerdu ownership of the property they plan to build on (see Pages_from_2012-09_2013-07_Enerdu_MNR_FOI_combined_A-2013-00056_re_Ownership and FOI_A0201174_hilighted ). MNR indicates that Enerdu must deal with the issue through both a Quit Claims process and the Disposition of Crown Land, in order to obtain ownership of the riverbed that Enerdu needs for this project to proceed.

In other words – according to the MNR email – Enerdu does not own the riverbed.

Note that throughout the FOI email thread, the acronym LRIA stands for Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act.

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