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Posted on 2014 Aug 13

MM Council Formally Withdraws Support for Enerdu

At the Committee of the Whole meeting last night (Aug 12) , Council members voted 7 to 3 to support a motion drafted by Councillor Shaun McLaughlin (in consultations with like-minded Councillors). The motion formally withdraws any implied support by Council for the Enerdu generating station expansion. It also directs staff to inform Enerdu, the Premier of Ontario, and four provincial ministers of their decision.

The motion that was passed reads:

Councillor McLaughlin (July 29, 2014):
WHEREAS the Council of the Town of Mississippi Mills regrets that the Province gave the Town no formal approval authority in the matter of the Enerdu GS Expansion and Redevelopment Project in Almonte;
AND WHEREAS Council does have a responsibility to represent the interests and well being of its residents;
AND WHEREAS the residents of Mississippi Mills value the historic and natural landscape of the river as it passes through Almonte;
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council cannot support the Enerdu Generating Station Expansion and Redevelopment Project in its current form and that the Premier of Ontario, the ministers of Energy, Environment, Culture, and Resources, and the Enerdu proponent be advised.


Mayor John Levi and Councillors Rick Minnille and Denzil Ferguson voted against this motion. Councillor John Edwards was absent.

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