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Enerdu Project

Do we want to lose these views?

These beautiful cascading falls are at the heart of Almonte.

We could lose them!

Why start this group now?

There is a proposal to significantly modify and increase the size of the Enerdu power generation facility located just downstream of the train bridge in Almonte.

The generator that is currently located under the apartment building on the river’s north bank would be expanded, and the riverbed and cascading falls beside the Riverwalk could be significantly changed.

Our community will be directly affected, and we believe there needs to be more information and public consultation about this project.

Some of our concerns include:

  • Loss or damage of river attractions
  • Loss or damage of natural habitat
  • New constructions including permanent fences, large river markers and signage
  • Noise and vibration
  • Financial loss for tourism sector and local merchants

Together, we can find solutions to these concerns and ensure that our river stays beautiful.

A few years ago a local resident visited a nearby hydro generating station and noticed a posting on the wall that read:


Do you agree?