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Freedom of Information Requests

Numerous FOI of requests have been made to various government agencies by the Millstone, with the support of the MRW.  This is a slow process, and the information comes back in batches. It is either in a scanned document format or paper copies. Neither is searchable, making it hard to use.

The MRW has OCRed the documents to allow them to be searched, and combined them into somewhat related batches. We are publishing them to allow the public access to background information on the Enerdu project. Some very interesting reading – but a lot to wade through.

Our hope is that you, the public reader, will point out discrepancies in the information, add local knowledge to our understanding, ask questions of the government agencies involved, and in general have a better understanding of the project  and maybe get involved in some way.

MNR 2012-Sept to 2013-July

This was received in two batches. They are reverse date order. The files are here separately, and also in one “combined” file – however, it is simply the two files appended so allow one to search through all of the info at once. As such, the dates of the emails go from new to old, then new to old again for the second batch. They should be properly inter-sped – but that is a tone of extra work! Maybe later…

Both a searchable PDF and a Word .DOC file equivalent are available for download. Be aware that no attempt was made to fix up the formatting in the Word document.


Word Files