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Concerned group of citzens and business owners planning a River Celebration

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Beside the Almonte Old Town Hall at 12 noon Saturday June 28. Come out for some river fun and make a splash! More info here on FaceBook.

Give our river a hug!

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2014 Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Join your fellow paddlers at the Almonte Old Town Hall, Saturday, June 21,  2014 at 8:30 AM to be part of our community’s 2014 Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. The paddle flotilla will leave at 9:00 AM from the Almonte Old Town Hall and paddle up river (but downwind!) to the boat launch in Appleton. Our goal is to fill a dumpster with shoreline debris, so we need your help. Bring wading shoes or boots, gloves, a rake or boat hook, your canoe or kayak, and your required safety equipment.

Garbage bags will be provided. Boats will be traveling with us on the river to collect garbage bags and offer relief to any weary paddlers. The trip covers 10km and can be paddled in two to three hours. The Mills Community Support Corporation and volunteers will provide complimentary transportation for you and your boat back to the starting point at the Almonte Old Town Hall by 1:00 PM.

This is a family friendly event and a great opportunity to meet other river lovers. For more information, contact Mike O’Malley 613-859-5300 or

The Enerdu – Jeff Cavanagh link

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Some have asked, so here is one of the documents that clearly shows Jeff Cavanagh as the principle in Enerdu: Enerdu – Jeff Cavanagh NUANS  link

Snippets from the provincial candidates take on electricity generation and Cavanagh’s Enerdu project..

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Snippets taken from the provincial  candidates responses to The Millstone questionnaire…

  • #AndrewWest (GRN) – I oppose the Enerdu expansion. I want to stop the Enerdu project and protect the Appleton Wetland along Reach 18.
  • #RosalynStevens (LIB) – I will take this file right to the Environment Minister to discuss and be your voice at Queen’s Park.
  • #JohnHansen (NDP) – …against the Enerdu project since it creates only a small amount of electricity at a high cost to the environment and the local community.
  • #JackMacLaren (PC) – We will end the Green Energy Act…   I support Enerdu.

The full questions and responses are summarized here.


Almonte Heritage Conservation District study – information session & public meeting, March 20 2014

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Almonte Heritage Conservation District study – information session & public meeting, March 20 2014

The Mississippi Mills Council and administration are seeking to carry out a Heritage Conservation District Study that would assess the cultural heritage value of downtown Almonte and recommend whether this historic centre should be considered for Heritage Conservation District (HCD) designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.


Breaking News: Enerdu Hydro Proposal Update

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EnerduThe Mississippi RiverWatchers were successful in getting conditions imposed upon the Enerdu proposal.

The RiverWatchers were disappointed that the Ministry of the Environment did not require a full Part II Environmental Assessment, however significant conditions were imposed:

  1. hydraulic flood modelling required
  2. further noise impact assessment
  3. requirement for a cultural and heritage impact assessment
  4. adhering to future changes to the Mississippi River Water Management Plan

The Mississippi RiverWatchers thank the community for their continuous input, support and activism without which these conditions would not have been imposed.


Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup – bring the family

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Published in the Millstone News on September 10th, 2013

by Brent Eades


Events of the past year have made it clear that our town cares deeply about the protection of its river. On Saturday, September 21, you’ll have the chance to show the river some love by joining the second local edition of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

Organized by the Mississippi RiverWatchers, this year’s event starts with registration at the Almonte fairgrounds at 8:30 a.m. At 9 we’ll be out on foot or in canoes, boats and kayaks, looking for trash and debris on the shoreline from Almonte up to Appleton.


Council Passes Motion Asking for Issues Resolutions Before the Enerdu Project is Approved

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The Mississippi Mills Town Council has unanimously passed a motion tonight asking for five issues to be resolved prior to the Enerdu project being allowed to proceed. The full motion can be seen here, but the five point summaries are:

  • Re-evaluate the operating water levels permitted in the Mississippi River Water Management Plan (MRWMP)
  • Perform hydraulic modelling to determine any potential for the project to increase flood risk
  • Determine if the scale of the proposed project is appropriate
  • Determine if water management of the existing plant and the proposed plant fits the definition of run-of-river
  • Evaluate the potential loss of natural and heritage assets and the resulting degradation of the community’s character

Thanks to all of council for reflecting a large number of citizens concerns!

Benefit Concert to be held Saturday, June 15, 2013

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We hope you will come to the benefit concert at the Almonte Old Town Hall on Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 8 PM. There are some wonderful performers lined up for an evening of great music. Tickets can be purchased at Mill Street Books, 52 Mill St,  Almonte, ON K0A 1A0 (613) 256-9090.


Bennefit Concert June 15 2013

Some Part II Order requests to the MOE may not have been received!

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It appears that some of the Part II Order requests may not have been
received by the Ministry of Environment. The Mississippi RiverWatchers have
uncovered two such instances. Any individual or group  who sent in a Part II
Order request prior to the February 1, 2013 is advised to contact :

Anne Cameron
Project Evaluator l Project Review Unit l Environmental Approvals Branch l
Ministry of the Environment
2 St. Clair Ave. West, Floor 12A, Toronto, ON M4V 1L5
T: 416-314-0286 I F: 416-314-8452

Important Town Council Meeting Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Town Council Meeting
Tuesday, May 21, 2013  6-7 PM
Mississippi Mills Town Hall
Agenda item: motion with respect to Enerdu proposal

The Mississippi RiverWatchers would like to inform members that an important motion with regards to the Enerdu Generating Station Expansion and Redevelopment proposal will come before the Mississippi Mills Town Council during the upcoming Council meeting, Tuesday, May 21, 2013 starting at 6:00 PM, at the Town Hall. The meeting usually runs for an hour.


RiverWatchers Buttons Available!

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Buttons! You asked for them – here they are. Two styles!

Suggested donation $1 (free for councillors 🙂 ). They are available in downtown Almonte at Mill Street Books and at Textile Traditions.


Petition opposing Enerdu expansion by Brent Eades

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Almonte resident Brent Eades has started a petition opposing the Enerdu project on his web site Have a look at what he has to say at

New “Resources” tab added

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You’ll notice a new section on this site. It’s in the top menu bar, and it’s called “Resources.”  We invite you to browse, and we hope you will find information that will help you learn more about us and issues related to our river.

New resources include slides from our April 11, 2013 presentation at the Civitan Hall, as well as our rebuttal to the Enerdu Self Assessment Environmental Report and various Part II Order EA requests.

You can also find the “Resources” tab through this link.

Public Meeting a Success

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Thanks to everyone who turned out for the meeting on April 11.  We filled the Civitan Hall and heard from a variety of speakers on issues ranging from public engagement to flood control to the history of hydro in Ontario.

It was a great evening to exchange information, and we are already hearing from many more people who are concerned about this issue.

Some Almonte residents have begun their own projects relating to the proposed Enerdu project.  Those projects include letter writing and even a petition that was started by Almonte’s Brent Eades. You can find out more at

Public Meeting April 11, 2013

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We hope you will attend our public meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at the Civitan Hall in Almonte. The Mississippi RiverWatchers are holding this meeting one year after our initial public meeting to update the public on the proposed Enerdu project.  We hope to see you there.

  • See the “Resources” page for copies of the presentations.

Public-Meeting-April-11-2013 poster [pdf]

Potential Flooding in Downtown Almonte

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Here’s an article that outlines some of the flooding concerns caused by the proposed Enerdu project.

Flooding Story

Also see the Potential Flooding slides from April 11, 2013 presentation on the “Resources” page!

Updated letter writing guide now available

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If you are looking for a way to share your views and concerns about the Enerdu project on the Mississippi River at Almonte, our updated letter writing guide provides the addresses you will need.

MRW – Addresses and issue list for writing letters, Feb 2013

RiverWatchers respond to Enerdu’s environmental report

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On January 16, 2013, The Mississippi RiverWatchers submitted a response to Enerdu based on the Environmental Report they issued in December.