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The Freedom of Information (FOI) request documents are on a separate page here.

Information here is posted in reverse date order (newest at the top)

MVFN Appleton Wetlands Report for MNR – 2nd edition

March 21, 2015

The 2nd edition includes the Power Production analysis, showing that when Enerdu adds flashboards in Almonte (Falls #1) the result is a net power loss to the province of 75 MWHr avg.

The revised report additions are available here as additional files (to the 1st edition report below) for download:

MVFN Appleton Wetlands Report for MNR – 1st Edition

The full report is available in three rather large files for download:

For those that want one large (48 MB!) file to search through, here it is:

Town of MM Heritage Committee comments on Enerdu’s Final Heritage Impact Study submission:

Locally stored copy of the Enerdu Final Heritage Impact Study:

MRW Response to the Preliminary Enerdu Heritage Impact Study:

Enerdu’s response to public comments on the Enerdu Environmental Report:

Presentations given at the April 11 2013 RiverWatchers information update meeting:

Environmental Assessment Part 2 Order Requests to MNR, Various including ours…

The RiverWatchers response to the Enerdu self assessment environmental report:

¬†Enerdu’s Self Assessment Environmental Report can be found on the Wesa site (Dec 17 2012):

Locally stored copies of the Enerdu Environmental Report can be found here:

The WESA site with information and documentation on the Enerdu project can be found at: